'Hairspray' is an optimistic twist on the 1960's hit Broadway show 'Hairspray'. It tells the story of an overweight teenager, Tracy Turnblad trying to make it big, by dancing on the TV show, 'The Corny Collins Show'. An opportunity arrives to dance on the show, with the help of her black friend, Seaweed, Tracy gets a part on the show despite her size. Tracy soon decides it is not fair that black kids can only dance on the show once a month, and with help from heart-throb Link Larkin (played by Zac Efron), mother (John Travolta in drag) and all her friends, she makes people see that times are changing and convinces them to overcome segregation, and integrates 'The Corny Collins show'.


Hairspray was directed by Adam Shankman, also known for directing 'Cheaper by the Dozen 2', 'The Pacifier' and 'Bedtime Stories'. Shankman has also been known to direct upcoming episodes of the hit TV show, 'Glee'. The film was produced by leading companies, such as 'New Line Cinema' and 'Legion Entertainment'. Hairspray was filmed in Toronto, Canada, using schools and the city of Ontario for set locations. The special effect companies used (mainly for John Travolta's female character, make-up and visual effects) were 'Alterian', 'Intelligent', 'Riot' and 'Pacific Title and Art Studio'. Hairspray was originally a theater show on Broadway, written in 1988 by John Waters who also wrote 'This Filthy World'.


Hairspray was released 20th July 2007 in the UK, and was distributed all over the world.
'New Line Cinema' distributed Hairspray in the USA, 'Fox-Warner' distributed it in Switzerland and 'Warner Bros.' distributed it in Germany and Singapore.
Bill board posters were put up everywhere advertising the film, with a star rating of 7.2/10 it attracted audiences from every direction. Trailers for the movie were put on TV, on a variety of channels.


The film is rated PG meaning parental guidance is advised for young children. The genre of the film is; musical, comedy with a hint of romance, which makes it a hybrid. The film is aimed at teenagers, mainly female, people who like musicals and fans of the cast. The film attracts a wide audience because of the diverse actors in the movie, such as John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Michelle Pfeiffer, Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky, Queen Latifah and Jerry Stiller.
John Travolta attracts fans of his life's work, Zac Efron attracts teenage girls and Nikki Blonsky by showing you don't have to be thin to make it. The film highlights how black people were treated in the 60's and how they escaped and enjoyed life through music, and eventually overcame segregation. This factor of the film might interest people, and persuade them to go and see it. Hairspray was originally a Broadway musical performed all around America. People who saw the theater show might also want to see the movie.
Being a hit movie at the box office, Hairspray also produced promotional merchandise with the film name on it, for example T-Shirts and mugs. The films budget was $75,000,000, but made over £12,000,000 million in the UK and £118,000,000 million in the US.

Hairspray was nominated for three 'Golden Globes', one 'BAFTA', five 'Critics Choice' awards, one 'Grammy' and two 'MTV Movie' awards. Nikki Blonsky won 'Best Young Actress Critics Choice Award', all the cast won 'Ensemble of the Year Hollywood Film Award', Zac Efron won 'Breakthrough Performance MTV Movie Award', the song 'You Can't Stop the Beat' won 'Favourite Song from a Soundtrack People's Choice Award' and Hairspray won 'Choice Summer Movie Teen Choice Award'.