'The Beach' - Analyzing Film Poster

Analyzing Film Posters

The film I chose to annotate is 'The Beach' starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I chose this film because it is my favourite film and the film poster interests me, and looks good.

I think the genre of this film is thriller. I think this because it is very mysterious and some scary, weird things happen. Also there is some romance in the movie.

The connotation of the movie poster shows Leonardo DiCaprio is searching for something, and has lost his way, and is trying to get back on track. The secondary image (the beach), shows that it is peaceful and relaxing and somewhere people would love to live.

The denotation is Leonardo DiCaprio looking upwards whilst in front of a beach.

7 Conventions of a Movie Poster

1>Billing Block- The credits of the film, that list the main people involved in making it.
2>Tag Line- A line to entice the audience, and tell you a bit about the film.
3>Rating- The age of the audience allowed to see the film.
4>Background- The secondary image or art work, involving the film.
5>Release Date- Date when the film will be released.
6>Title- Name of the film
7>Actors- Normally main actors in the film.